Lunch in The Lane Cafe Bar

The Lane Cafe Bar – Killarney

 Last week Myself and my friend Aine went for lunch in The Lane in Killarney. I have been there so many times for drinks but I said I would try it for lunch. Aine was there the week before and she was raving about it so we said we would go chill out there for a bit. 

The first thing you notice when you get there is the decor. Its so modern, Fresh and cosy. The vibrant colours everywhere just look class.

The Lane bar Killarney Matthewsdayoff

After ages of trying to decide I opted for the Thai Chicken Ciabatta with fries. It was savage, Highly Recommended.👌

The Lane bar Killarney Matthewsdayoff

Aine went for the “Nutri Lunch Box”. (Im definitely getting this the next time I go) Its such a great idea. It basically a cup of soup, a bowl of Salad, a chicken or falafel wrap, and last but not least… a protein ball for desert. 😂 It all comes together in a wooden box which I have to say is pretty cool. I would imagine it is something for the health conscious, but it is super tasty and there is nothing stopping you from having a slice of cake afterwards. (Cake on the way)

Obviously we had to get desert. We were so full after we just shared a Chocolate Salted Caramel Brownie and Ice Cream. It was probably the best Chocolate brownie I have ever had. (And to be fair I have had my fair share of them) We had ordered 2  Americanos but by the time the waiter had gone back down for the cups we had the desert gone. 😂

The Lane bar Killarney Matthewsdayoff

I have to say as well the staff were so nice and friendly and really does make the difference.

The Lane also does really good cocktails and its such a great place the just relax for the evening. The atmosphere at night is just really chilled and Jazzy. Perfect for a few drinks. Check out the website here for more details.

I would really recommend this place if you are ever hanging around Killarney. 10/10

Oh and I spotted this on the way out, just beside the door, which is such a great idea. (Im not a dog person but even I can appreciate this) For if you are walking your dog, grab a coffee and sit outside.

The Lane bar Killarney Matthewsdayoff

So thats the Lane in Killarney.

On a side note I am so excited to see that I have made the longlist for the Littlewoods Ireland Blog Awards this year. Its kind of mad really seeing as I have only started with my blog.

Hope everyone is having a great week. Let me know if you try this place out after seeing this! 👌

Later Guys!!



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