Rihanna – SHE LOOKED AT US!!

Rihanna at the Aviva in Dublin 2016

I know this was a good bit ago at this stage but I said I would do a quick post.

It was my 3rd time seeing Rihanna and I have to say she never disappoints! The first time was in Wireless in London at the end of the day so Its a bit blurry, and the time after that was in the Aviva as well but after a lot of mixed drinks, So also blurry! (Concert drinks are the most random assortment of poison) Anyway I have to say she was unbelievable and I wont be forgetting it anytime soon. We were so close. SHE EVEN LOOKED AT US WALKING UP TO THE STAGE.! (See clip below as Amy says she didn’t, But don’t mind her because Grainne can confirm :D)

So after about 10 cans of Smirnoff and Cranberry (I told you it was random) she graced us with her presence at the side of the stage. She was like an Angel floating towards us. Over half an hour late… but still an angel! She got up on stage and started bawling crying. She was either crying because she has drake issues, OR she realised when we made eye contact that we would never see each other again. (Make up yer own minds) Everyone was saying how quiet the concert was and it genuinely looked like it until she asked everyone to turn on the lights on their phones during Diamonds, It suddenly looked packed. (Also see video below) She was class and would defo recommend anyone to go see her. (I might be a bit biased on this)

We stayed in Ballsbridge Hotel which is just around the corner from the Aviva. For anyone going to a concert there I would highly recommend staying in Ballsbridge. We were able to walk to the concert and back again which was so handy. We got a taxi to Harcourt Street in a taxi later that night which was only 10 minutes away.

The Hotel seems to cater for concert goers mainly which we noticed the moment we got to the reception. There was a DJ in the reception banging out Rihanna tunes all evening.

The rooms are really nice and its priced very reasonably. If I am ever going to a concert up there again I will definitely be making a return to the Ballsbridge Hotel.

And of course no trip to Dublin is complete without a trip to Ikea for 32 candles and a few cushions!!

Rihanna Dublin Matthewsdayoff

Hope everyone is having a good week.

Later Guys!!



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