K-Fest – Its Better Than Puck!

K-FEST 2016

So its been over a week since K-fest. I have just about returned to normality and I am slowly getting back into the swing of things. (So sad its over)

For anyone that hasn’t heard of K-Fest you need to check it out! You can find the K-Fest Official site here.

K-Fest is an Arts and Music Festival in Killorglin. Its the only time of year I actually look forward to. The Festival has been running since 2013 and takes place on the June Bank Holiday Weekend. The Festival is run by an amazing group of people who are all local and volunteer to make this Festival the Success that it is.

What makes K-Fest stand out is how this festival is run and the random assortment of events that run during the weekend. The Artists have an opportunity to display their work in a “Non Gallery Environment” (I dont really know what the correct phase for this would be! Basically there isn’t a white wall in sight)

The work is displayed in vacant buildings in the town. Some are old and some are relatively new. Its amazing to see people making use of every building and every space available, It creates such a buzz around the town.

I was delighted to exhibit some of my work this year. I was showing my work in the Goat (Killorglin people will know where this is) The space is MASSIVE and there was plenty Artists to fill the space. The concrete wall was perfect for my images to stand out. You can see my exhibit below. (I do Landscape Photography)

This Year there was over 150 Visual Artists Exhibiting in over 20 different buildings in the town. To date K-Fest has housed over 350 visual artists with a total of approximately 1,700 original works of art on display. (Quote was taken from website before this year, so technically it has housed over 500 Visual Artists, According to my calculations)

Check out some snaps of the Gallery’s and work from this year below. Pictured below are some work from Jin YongDaniel Ryan, Daniel Sexton, Tazz Soffer,

During the Festival there is an award called “The Screaming Pope Prize“.

The Screaming Pope Prize recognizes outstanding achievement; encourages the pursuit of excellence; and promotes the highest standards of quality in cultural innovation, artistic exploration and excellence in the visual arts (Quote from the website)

This years winner is Tracy Sexton  (Pictured below with the award)

As well as Artists, there are a variety of performances/acts throughout the weekend.

Some of the acts this year included The Band Otherkin, Singer Jade R O Connor, Slam Poet Andre K’por, DJ Stevo O Donoghue and Comedians  Joe Rooney and Bernard Casey. (Just a small selection, I couldn’t possibly list everyone)

Have a look at my snapchat story below to check some of these guys out. (If you were following me on snapchat during the weekend you would know why I haven’t posted the whole story, I was a small bit drunk😂)

K-Fest has been nominated as one of the best festivals in Ireland this year by Pure M and it is no wonder. Its like Puck Fair only without the mess. This Festival has gone from strength to strength and the quality and standard improves each year.

If you are not into Art it doesn’t matter. What K-Fest does is it takes the Art out of the Gallery, and places it in an environment that anyone would be comfortable with. It basically brings the Art to the people without them ever stepping inside a “Gallery”.

This festival has something for everyone and is well worth the trip. I have met some amazing people through K-Fest am I am delighted to say that I was a part of it.

Check out my Video below of some of the Art Spaces. (FYI it was quiet because I visited the Gallery’s first thing in the morning so I could spend the day in my own space)

Let me know what you think!

Later Guys!!





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