K-Fest 2017

K-Fest 2017

Ok so its just over a month since this years K-fest. So heres a little look back!

First of all I just want to say a massive thanks to everyone that came to see me and my work over the weekend! It really means a lot and without your continued support I would have probably thrown in the towel a very long time ago.

For anyone that isn’t familiar with K-fest heres a bit of info. ┬áK-Fest started in 2013 and its aim is to promote art and culture in all forms. K-Fest takes unused and vacant buildings and turns them into pop up galleries for the weekend. There is everything from sculptures, photos, paintings, Installing pieces, Music. You name it K-Fest has it! There is something for everyone.

As well as the above, the line up of music at K-Fest this year was insane. My favourite this year were JyellowL and Tebi Rex who played in Kingstons. They are playing this year at Electric Picnic so be sure to check them out! Other highlights were our own Stevo-d and Jade O Connor who played in the Barn in Pauds! Art by day and Rave by night!

I was in my Gallery for the whole weekend but I managed to pop out for a bit to meet the other artists.

Check out my space and some of the artists I met below.


Daire Lynch


Daniel Sexton


Kit French


Tom McLean


Tracy Sexton


Lorraine Fletcher


Monika Mitkute


Niamh Porter

So thats just a tiny amount of artists that were there over the weekend, I would have loved to have gone around to all of them. Maybe next year!

I have linked the guys websites in their names above so be sure to check them out. Mark it in the diaries for next year, keep up to date with the Kfest crew over on their website.

If you visited during the weekend, be sure to let me know what was your favourite was!

Im over HERE on Instagram and my Snapchat is matthewsdayoff.

Have a great weekend!

Later Guys!!



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