Copenhagen – Krone not Euro

Ok this is my first post so Im going to do a bit of a Throwback Thursday!

Its just been a year since I went to Copenhagen. It was a very last minute as usual. It was only at the Airport we realised they didn’t have Euro over there, So that will tell you how last minute it was.

We got the hotel after wandering the streets for over an hour, with help from the locals and some help from Google maps. (the people are actually really nice, one person got off her bike and asked if we needed help, She clearly knew we were lost)

We stayed at Wake Up Copenhagen hotel which was pretty cool and super cheap. It was pretty basic but the location was pretty good for wandering around.

Copenhagen is full of Cafes and Bakery’s and its so hard not to stop every 10 minutes to pick something up. I was surprised to only see one Starbucks in the whole City. The first morning we stopped by a little coffee shop called Top Brewer Cafe. There was no coffee machine in sight, Just taps sticking out of a table and the “Barista” (Far from a Barista) making our coffees with her iPhone. Sometimes I think some of these places need to calm down with their technology. All the same it was a cool sight.

…. And then another Bakery. You get the idea. Loads of Coffee and Food!

One of Copenhagen’s main attraction is Tivoli Gardens. Tivoli is the second-oldest operating Amusement Park in the World. (Not a good thing to hear when you are hundred feet up in the air on one of the Amusements) Such a cool place, We spent the day walking around the Gardens.

We were there during the week so we didn’t see much nightlife but there are plenty places to drink during the day. One of the places we went to was Taphouse, which has one of Europes largest selection of beer on Tap. 61 Taps of beautiful Goodness.

We spend the last day walking to Christiania. I had heard so much about this place and had to pay a visit before we left. Christiania is a neighbourhood run by the people living there. Its not far from the city (We walked, Would recommend a Taxi) but its such a contrast to the city. When we got there I didn’t feel safe at all. The people there live in little houses that resemble large Garden sheds. It felt like we were trespassing to give you an idea of how I felt there. Oh and Cannabis is legal there too which I didnt quite understand.  Its still a cool place full of creatives and Art.

We went for Dinner each night and I have to say that we have no luck when it comes to food. It was so expensive and definitely not worth the money. The last night we went to Hot Buns which is a Gastro Burger Resturant. Looked really cool from outside so we sat upstairs drinking mojitos for the night. Mojitos were good 👌

And that was pretty much it. There isn’t a whole lot to do in Copenhagen, but its a nice place to add to the bucket list to go see I suppose. If you’re into shopping then there is loads to do!!

If you have been to, or are going to Copenhagen. Hashtag #Matthewsdayoff in your pics or snap chat me so I can see 🙂

Later Guys!



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