Hello and Welcome to my Blog!

Who am I?

Well my name is Matthew and I am a 25 year old photographer from Kerry. My background is in Landscape photography but I have also worked on Personal and commercial projects. I have always thought about starting a blog, But I didn’t want it to just be about photos. So after some though I have finally bit the bullet and created Matthews Day Off. If you have any suggestions or Questions I would love to hear from you.


What is Matthews Day Off?

Matthews Day Off is a Personal Photography and Lifestyle blog. I always get asked what I did or where I went on my day off. I get text messages asking “where was that place you got that coffee last week”, Or “where was that Place I saw on your snapchat”. Matthews Day off is going to answer all of those questions and will show you places and recommendations for places near and far, while also showing some Landscape photography along the way.