Our Lady’s Asylum

Our Ladys Asylum Clare matthewsdayoff matthewmurphyphotography

Our Lady’s Asylum – Clare

Ok I am going to start off this post with a disclaimer. “I am not encouraging anyone to visit, I am just sharing my experience of visiting this place. I may or may not have gotten permission to enter the building, and it may or may not be private property. As with any adventure be sure to check with the owners of these places before entering, and make sure you wear sufficient head protection and safety googles where necessary. If entering somewhere haunted be sure to bring a ouija board for the craic”

(And on a serious note, I don’t mean to offend or disrespect anyone associated with the hospital)

A few of us took a trip to Clare to visit our Ladys Asylum a couple of months ago. You may have seen it on my Continue Reading

Just Drive-Clare-Galway-Mayo


Cliffs Of Moher – Downpatrick Head

What do you do when you have two days off and everyone else is working? You pack a bag, Jump in your car and just drive. Thats what I did anyway.

I was after a great weekend and was slowly pulling myself back together. Curled up on the couch watching daytime tv, I said to myself  “what am I doing wasting such a nice day, And these women are not loose at all, In fact they are anything but loose” (The daytime tv people will get that one)

Grabbed my camera and packed a bag and just started driving. I didn’t know where I was going but the sun was shining, the tunes were blaring and I had no where I needed to be for a change. Continue Reading

Rihanna – SHE LOOKED AT US!!

Rihanna Matthewsdyoff.com

Rihanna at the Aviva in Dublin 2016

I know this was a good bit ago at this stage but I said I would do a quick post.

It was my 3rd time seeing Rihanna and I have to say she never disappoints! The first time was in Wireless in London at the end of the day so Its a bit blurry, and the time after that was in the Aviva as well but after a lot of mixed drinks, So also blurry! (Concert drinks are the most random assortment of poison) Anyway I have to say she was unbelievable and I wont be forgetting it anytime soon. We were so close. SHE EVEN LOOKED AT US WALKING UP TO THE STAGE.! (See clip below as Amy says she didn’t, But don’t mind Continue Reading

K-Fest – Its Better Than Puck!

K-Fest 2016 Matthewsdayoff

K-FEST 2016

So its been over a week since K-fest. I have just about returned to normality and I am slowly getting back into the swing of things. (So sad its over)

For anyone that hasn’t heard of K-Fest you need to check it out! You can find the K-Fest Official site here.

K-Fest is an Arts and Music Festival in Killorglin. Its the only time of year I actually look forward to. The Festival has been running since 2013 and takes place on the June Bank Holiday Weekend. The Festival is run by an amazing group of people who are all local and volunteer to make this Festival the Success that it is.

Continue Reading

Copenhagen – Krone not Euro

copenhagen Matthews Day Off

Ok this is my first post so Im going to do a bit of a Throwback Thursday!

Its just been a year since I went to Copenhagen. It was a very last minute as usual. It was only at the Airport we realised they didn’t have Euro over there, So that will tell you how last minute it was.

We got the hotel after wandering the streets for over an hour, with help from the locals and some help from Google maps. (the people are actually really nice, one person got off her bike and asked if we needed help, She clearly knew we were lost) Continue Reading